Today, I sat there watching the rain, listening to it pouring (it’s almost like being at a waterfall) and drowning out all the background noises. Its effect calming and theraputic. I sat there indulging in it’s unique scent. I like the smell of rain, something about it gives off a fresh,  indescribable scent but you are probably familiar with what I mean if you’ve ever been out in the rain. I took a deep breath with new found feeling of gratitude and content. I used to dislike the rain for it made everything damp and hard to get around but not this morning, as I sat there admiring and taking it all in 100%, the sound drowning out everything else even thoughts, the scent so fresh and fulfilling. It gave me a sort of peace. I could sit here all day, I thought to myself. It was like it is washing everything it touches- houses, cars, buildings, roads, watering the plants, and would not stop until it is sufficiently done. A sense of purification. And then it softens to a slow but gradual halt leaving everything fresh, renew & pure. 


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