Suitcase living 

Living out of a suitcase since 2010. 

I never even got to finish uni in my home country. By the second year of uni I was out the door. (I did finish my studies abroad, if you are wondering). And since then, I’ve gotten to stay in different countries, met people who shown me much hospility- taking me into their homes, sharing their families and lives with me, experiencing multiple culture shocks, and the journey never ends. 

I feel extremely blessed. 

Looking back on the years, I’ve gotten to do everything I wanted in that particular time, thanks to the never ending support from my parents and mostly because of my inabilty to back down from something I really wanted. Everyone I’ve met shared a part of my life journey that is so dear and irreplaceable. It is true what they say that some people come into your life and change your whole direction! And I mean it as a good thing. I wouldn’t have done or experienced a lot of things if I didnt go where the wind blew. But what I really want to point out is, the people. The people I’ve met, (or you will meet) all play such an important role in my life, big or small, they thought me things, brought me different understandings, perceptions on how I saw things now and then, widen my horizons, and I feel so grateful to have gotten to know such amazing people. Everyone so unique in their own way and everyone has something to show you, if you are receptive. 

Thus, living out of a suitcase means more to me than travelling and photographic evidence and “oh, ive been here, there, there and there.” It is the journey of a soul, the discovering of oneself and building personality, the experience you share with nature, people and animals,- it is simply beautiful. 


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