“Alone together”

“Alone together”

-Maria Kreyn 

She seems so sad 

She’s in love

Why is that sad

Because it never last


He doesn’t seem to have any doubts

He’s not showing you his eyes

But just because it doesn’t last

Doesn’t mean it isn’t love



Today, I sat there watching the rain, listening to it pouring (it’s almost like being at a waterfall) and drowning out all the background noises. Its effect calming and theraputic. I sat there indulging in it’s unique scent. I like the smell of rain, something about it gives off a fresh,  indescribable scent but you are probably familiar with what I mean if you’ve ever been out in the rain. I took a deep breath with new found feeling of gratitude and content. I used to dislike the rain for it made everything damp and hard to get around but not this morning, as I sat there admiring and taking it all in 100%, the sound drowning out everything else even thoughts, the scent so fresh and fulfilling. It gave me a sort of peace. I could sit here all day, I thought to myself. It was like it is washing everything it touches- houses, cars, buildings, roads, watering the plants, and would not stop until it is sufficiently done. A sense of purification. And then it softens to a slow but gradual halt leaving everything fresh, renew & pure.